Join us for Yoga, Personal Training, and our Spin Class in Jupiter, FL!


Accelerate was started with a dream, a dream of a place that is inviting, bright, clean and filled with people having fun while getting an awesome workout. So we started searching for the perfect place to turn that dream into reality.

Our cycling classes will knock your wheels off and our Yoga classes will get you stronger and more relaxed. "Exhilarating" would be the right way to put it.

Here at Accelerate cycling in the dark with a light show is just the best way to lose yourself in the music and get your groove on. No matter if it's day ride, night ride, or yoga you will burn hundreds of calories and will have endless fun, meet people and get in the best shape of your life. All our instructors have been selected because of their strong fitness background, their warm and inviting personalities and most of all the ability to turn Accelerate into Reality.

If you would like to experience Accelerate and become part of it, please click here to join our mailing list. You will have a blast and be left wanting to come back for more. Finally, Fitness made fun. Download our registration form

Latest Testimonials

“Accelerate Your Fitness in Jupiter is amazing. I've become addicted to their total body spin classes, which incorporate full body training on top of intense spin. They also offer yoga and personal training, Super-fun classes, great music and awesome people.”

Whitney Pettis - see article

“I was introduced to spin over a year ago by Sandra, who encouraged me to take one of her classes and was immediately hooked. The music that she plays is fantastic, and the exercises that she has us perform are always perfectly matched to the music, showing the thought and preparation that she puts into a class. It is also obvious that she enjoys teaching the class as much as the participants enjoy taking it. There is always a high level of energy in the room, but mostly the class is just plain fun. Having become an exercise junkie, I can attest to the fact that there is no better way to get a full body cardio workout and burn a lot of calories.”

Frank Grenci

“I have been going to Sandra's spin class for approximately one year. Initially,I attended the class because I wanted to be more fit and to increase my cardiac workout. Now,the class is one of the many highlights of my week as the class is truly fun,boisterous and exhilarating. Sandra's infectious warm personality has led to a great number of clients that have not only increased their physique but they have been able to develop friendships and business contacts.”

Peter Lascheid